Street Arts Showcase Festivals taking place this September


Street arts promoters will be spoiled for choice this September as FiraTàrrega, Catalonia, Spain and the Out There Festival of Circus and Street Arts, Great Yarmouth, UK, are running just one week apart from each other


08-11 September, Tàrrega, Catalonia

The performing arts market of Catalonia, attended by more than         850 professionals from 30 countries

Highlights include:

Cie Artonik - The colour of time. Joan Català - Menar. Svalbard - All genius all idiot. Ponten Pie - Loo. Companyia de Circ EIA - Intarsi. Cia Baal - Crotch (Entrecuix). Ondadurto Teatro - Cafe Europa. La Industrial Teatrera - Náufragos. CCOT - The massager. Cia. Obskené - Manifesta. Fundación Collado - Van Hoestenberghe - Si sabes lo que hay. La Licuadora - Frames. Cirque Exalté - Furieuse tendresse. Cia Maduixa - Mulïer. 100 Racines - Au pied de mur... Claire Ducreux - Silencis. Hurycan - Asuelto. Kukai Dantza - Oskara. Mumusic Circus - Amigoo. Escarlata Circus - CorroC.  Cia Toti Toronell - Libèlul·la. Quim Bigas - Molar. Diana Gadish - Handle with care.  Silere - Terra condere. Grupo Puja - Quixote


Travel information:

  • To go to Tàrrega book your flight to Barcelona Airport
  • FiraTàrrega has direct shuttle services running on Wed 7th and Thur 8th September
  • All information and booking forms are available when registering

Registration information: FiraTàrrega may be able to offer free registration and complimentary tickets to shows in indoor venues for professional organisations wishing to attend. Deadline: 5th September.

For more information, please contact dep. Professionals on

XTRAX/Out There Festival Showcase

15-18 September, Great Yarmouth, GB

A new showcase delivered alongside one of the UK's most creative festivals in an iconic British seaside town

  • 30+ Street Art shows including Without Walls comissions, international circus and European co-operation projects
  • An international symposium
  • Presentations from artists about new work in development

XTRAX may be able to cover accommodation for promoters from outside the UK who wish to attend the Out There Festival.

For more information, please contact Anaïs Biaux at XTRAX on


 Showcase registration does not include access to the symposium

Highlights include:

Avanti Display - Greatest Hits. Cie No 8 - The Garden Party. Cie Theatre du Vertige - Lougarock. Circus Geeks X Pangottic - Project_Vee. Glasshouse - Us. Highly Sprung - Urban Astronaut. Joli Vyan - Lance moi en l'air. Lawrence Bradby - Pedal-Powered Car Chase. Mimbre - Bench. New Art Club - Campervan of Love. NoFit State & Motionhouse - BLOCK. Pickled Image - Coulaphobia. Pif-Paf - Flights of Fancy. Plunge Boom - Smoke. Southpaw Dance Company - Carousel. Spitz & Co - Gloriator. Strong Lady Productions - Leap. Vaiven Circo - La Compania. VJ Suave - Suaveciclo. Worldbeaters Music - Spark! And more...


Travel from Tàrrega (Spain) to Great Yarmouth (UK):

  • Fly from Barcelona Airport to London (Heathrow, Gatwik or Stansted)
  • Get a train or bus to Central London and head to Liverpool Street Station
  • Get a train from London Liverpool Street Station to Great Yarmouth (2hrs 40mins)
  • If you fly to London Stansted Airport, there is a National Express Coach that will take you into the centre of Great Yarmouth

For travel information: Visit or contact Anna Bechtloff at